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Programs & Career Pathways

Overview - Programs & Pathways at Charter Oak High School

AP    IB
To obtain an IB diploma, candidates must successfully complete a course from 6 areas of study.  The courses are one or two years in length, involving grades 11 and 12.   The student must complete community service, an Extended Essay, and the Theory of Knowledge class. Diploma Candidates must also satisfy all graduation requirements for the Charter Oak Unified School District. 
This two-year program offers two pathway options - Business Education OR Digital Arts. Business Education students study Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Management & Entrepreneurship. Digital Arts students gain skills in Adobe PhotoShop/Illustrator/InDesign, MobileApp Design, and Video Gaming Design. All courses focus on project-based, hands on learning. 
PLTW   Medical
This four year program allows students to choose from three career pathways within the Health and Science curriculum. The options of study include – Biomedical, Emergency Medical Systems (EMS), and Sports Medicine. Students will enroll in one class each year as a participant of this program, exploring a range of careers as they learn content in the context of real-world, hands-on activities, projects, and problems.
PLTW   Engineering
This is a four year pathway, including one course each year focusing on concepts related to engineering design and development as it relates to career and college readiness. The program is supported by Project Lead the Way, the nation’s leading provider for STEM curriculum and promotes innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration. 
A four year program that prepares students for success in high school, college, and a career, especially students traditionally underrepresented in higher education. AVID teaches skills and behaviors necessary for academic success and provides support via peer groups, mentors, and student/teacher relationships to prepare students for post-secondary success.