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Graduation Requirements

The State of California requires that all students must pass a course of study in Mathematics while in grades 9-12 that meets or exceeds the California Content Standards for Algebra I. Mathematics 1 meets this requirement.

The State of California also requires students pass the Physical Fitness requirements. If students pass the Physical Fitness requirement, they are required to take two year of PE for graduation. If students fail to pass the Physical Fitness requirement, they will be required to complete additional years of PE (until the Physical Fitness requirement is passed) to meet graduation requirements.

In order to receive a Charter Oak High School (COHS) diploma, students must attend COHS the second semester of their senior year. Students transferring from any alternative program must be enrolled the entire second semester of their senior year.

Charter Oak Unified School District


220 Units 

English 40
Mathematics  30
Social Science  30
Physical Education 20 - 40
Science (Life and Physical) 20
Fine Arts 10 
Practical Arts  10
Elective Credits 40 - 60
Technology Literacy*  
*The technology literacy graduation requirement may be fulfilled by successful completion of the following courses:

Grade of “B” or better in a Royal Oak Middle School elective course utilizing computer technology. Or, one semester of Computer Applications, or a Career Technical Education course at the high school level utilizing computer technology. Or, one-year enrollment in Oak Knoll Virtual Academy. Or, through a practical demonstration of skills and competencies, as determined by the Superintendent or designee (CA Educ Code § 51225.3). 


School Skills Students experiencing difficulty in basic skills may be required to enroll in intervention classes, such as Reading Fundamentals, Math Intervention, Study Skills, or similar intervention courses.  School Skills


One year of electives must be taken in both Fine and Practical Arts. These electives meet the COUSD graduation requirements.
However, the electives may or may not meet college or university requirements.

Art Cinema Band   BETA Courses Speech World Language
2nd Year
ROP Courses
Ceramics Drama Music Appreciation   Computer Courses Yearbook Fine Arts
2nd Year
Dance Chorus World Language   Technology Courses Journalism Lab Assistant